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Easy homemade pesto sauce

Pesto genovese

Piece of life

Growing basil, it has been a big challenge ! I’ve been trying to grow it for a few years now. I have tried every way, from the seed to planting a bigger plant, indoors and outdoors. I had many [but so many !] failures. But I love it, so I kept trying. Imagine how happy I was when I finally succeeded in maintaining one. It has been growing for 3 months now and it is flourishing. Maybe even a little too much, when I came back from vacations I found huge stems.

And what to do with so much basil ? Pesto, of course !

Pesto genovese
Pesto sauce

About the pesto sauce recipe

This is my first pesto ! Wow, I feel so proud of myself [yet it’s very easy to make].
Traditionally pesto is made from the variety of basil from Liguria region [Italy] and olive oil that is also local. Of course I don’t have access to these products, so I used my usual ones.

I wanted to go pro and use a mortar and pestle, well that didn’t work out too well. My mortar is too small and I found it hard to crush the basil leaves. So I pulled out the blender to the rescue [shocking the purists, sorry]. The main caution with the blender is to avoid overblending, you don’t want to heat up the basil leaves. I use the “chopper” function to chop the basil in short bursts until I get the desired consistency [thick and creamy].

A friendly tip regarding the garlic : I recommend using 1 SMALL clove of garlic, or even just 1/2 a clove. Since the garlic is raw in this recipe, its flavor is pronounced and can quickly take over.

Serve this pesto with pasta, or on pizza or a slice of bread. It’s simply delicious !

Pesto genovese

Easy homemade pesto sauce

This great classic of Italian cuisine goes wonderfully well with pasta, but also pizza, bruschetta, and even meat… A sauce so easy to make and full of flavors. What's more, it's simple, we love it !
Course: Sauces & dressings
Cuisine: Italy
Keyword: Easy recipe, No-baked, World cuisine
Prep Time: 10 minutes
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  • Food chopper (or mortar and pestle)


  • 40 g of basil
  • 1/2 to 1 clove of garlic
  • 15 g of pine nuts
  • 50 g of olive oil
  • 25 g parmesan cheese
  • 15 g pecorino cheese
  • salt to taste


  • In the bowl of the chopper (or the mortar), combine the pine nuts, garlic and salt. Blend well to obtain a paste.
  • Add the basil leaves. Blend for a few seconds at a time (so as not to heat up the basil), until you get the desired consistency (creamy usually, I prefer it a bit grainy).
  • Add the cheeses, then start pouring in the olive oil. Mix as you add the oil.

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