The True Asian cuisine, by Jenna Quach


You know it, I love Asian food! But I don’t often dare to cook it myself. So, when I received this book, it was time to put my apprehensions aside and dig into it. And you know what? It’s not as difficult as you may think. Let me tell you about this book, and maybe you get convinced enough also to try this adventure at home.

About the author

Jenna Quach is from Montreal, the fruit of Asian immigration. Her parents (Cambodian of Chinese origin) opened a business specialized in Asian food. While spending most of her time there, she learned a lot about Asian cuisine, especially by talking to customers of all origins. In order to help people discover this full of flavours cuisine, to demystify it and to turn it accessible to everyone, she started making videos, which she shares on the internet and on social networks. This book [available by Éditions Pratico-pratiques] represents the result of many years of work and passion.

About the book « La vraie cuisine asiatique »

We are talking about Asian cuisine in the broadest sense! You will discover Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese or even Korean dishes. This will allow you to navigate through the different culinary universes and to identify what you like the most.

What I really like? The practical sections are about basic ingredients and equipment. I don’t know about you, but I’m always a little lost in Asian grocery stores. So, these explanations will be very useful in the future. And more, that chart that details the different noodles… the answer to my eternal puzzle, thank you!

Will I need specific ingredients?

You can imagine: yes, of course!

However, those are basic ingredients from Asian cuisine. You will find them without any problem in specialized grocery stores, and even in most supermarkets. Soy sauce, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, mirin… it is difficult to cook Asian food without these ingredients. The advantage is that they are often the same ingredients that are used and that they have a long expiration date, in addition to being reasonably priced.

Are the recipes accessible to everyone?

No matter what your level in the kitchen is, you will be successful in Jenna’s recipes without problems. They are simple and very well explained, with step-by-step photos for the more technical ones. Mr. Cocotte, my husband, himself even took a look [he is responsible for Monday evening meals at home] and has already found many recipes that he wants us to discover.

My opinion

From my side, I’m convinced! Easy recipes that allow you to discover different cultures, could just please me. Of course, I’ve already tried one recipe: chicken with peanuts, and it was a success.

Chicken with peanuts

I encourage you to look for this beautiful book, a wonderful initiation to Asian cuisine, accessible to everyone.

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