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Slice of life

Slice of life
Happy birthday my little blog! Yes, it’s been one year since my blogging adventure started. Well, that’s not entirely true, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Anyway, one year of passing seemed like a good time to tell you the story behind it.

It all started with my husband [aka Mr. Cocotte]. He’s the one who started the idea a few years ago. And to be honest with you, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a blog. Millions of cooking blogs are out there, and I didn’t see the point of starting such a project. How can I get people interested in my recipes when there are so many to choose from? But my [stubborn] husband persisted in his idea, and I have to admit that I have to thank him for it…

When our little girl arrived five years ago, I was caught in a whirlwind, and I felt that my life was slipping away. Between my role as a mom, my professional obligations and my daily routine, I felt I was missing out on myself. I needed to find myself, to devote myself to an activity for me as a passionate cook; this seemed evident to Mr. Cocotte. But it was not the right time, and I did not find the desire at that time to launch myself. And time passed with this idea floating in my head.

One day I decided to think of a name, just in case… So a little brainstorming and the term “De l’amour en cocotte” materialized. The association clicked between the love of cooking, the love of those I cook for, and my precious children (cocottes). Let me tell you that Mr. cocotte did not waste a second dedicating work to my interest… he hastened to do his research and buy the domain. The first step was done. Then came a lot of other steps: searching for blog templates, choosing something I liked, finally changing my mind, hesitating, backing out and finally deciding to buy a template. And then another long pause.

Our baby arrived. A 2nd maternity, more serene [we already know a little what it is] but just as busy… 2 young children is not easy, and again this feeling of forgetting myself.

And the trigger came during our vacations in Brazil last year. This time it was the right one: the blog was finally going to be born. It may seem like a quick process, but it was about two years in the making [and the blog still didn’t exist]. However, once I decide, there is usually little to stop me, and besides, I tend to want it to happen right away [you know, like a kid? ]. So obviously, it took a little patience, but with the help of Mr. cocotte, a graphic designer and hours spent on the platform, the idea started to take shape. Of course, I made mistakes, crashed the system, and changed the application for my recipes [which made me lose everything I had already done…]; that’s how you learn, and believe me, I learn every day.

Where is De l’amour en cocotte?

There are still a few passages, and maybe there will never be more.

But this blog is MY moment, my little therapy, a kind of escape from a not-always-easy daily life [don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but like everyone else, there are ups and downs]. I like to tell you my little stories. The blog stimulates me to search for and create new recipes. I have always loved photography, which has made me particularly interested in food photography. So I still have a long way to go, but I’m gradually improving.

De l’amour en cocotte : it’s a place to share. It’s my recipe book, available to all in constant evolution. And if I can inspire some of you or help some people looking for recipes, I will have won something precious!

Lauriane [aka De l’amour en cocotte]

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