Would you like some dessert? Here it is! Rémy Couture


A few years ago, I discovered Rémy Couture’s desserts on the Olympic Park Esplanade, where he parked his food truck full of mouth-watering goods. So, the good news for all the big sweet tooth like me is that he has just published his first cookbook!

As soon as the book arrived, the kids got very excited. They like to leaf through cookbooks to tell me what recipes they want to try. Well, according to them, I have to cook the whole book! You would have heard them with their cries of envy on every page. The “wow’s” “this one, mommy” and “oh, how good it looks” were presented all over our discovery. It must be said that the photos can only make our mouths water; it’s simple, we want to eat the book.

About the author

Rémy Couture has been cooking since his youth. After taking his pastry diploma, he continued training in France with Pierre Hermé. Returning to Quebec, and after working at several great restaurants and at the Arhoma bakery, he opened his pastry shop, Crémy, in the heart of the Mont-Royal plateau.

About the book

With a colourful vintage universe, you will dive into greediness! Fifty recipes of pure insanity, between modernity and childhood memories. The pastry shops from my childhood were very different, but I can easily imagine them as mine.

First, we find the donuts, from the basic recipe to more complex variations. Then, Rémy proposes to us his interpretations of commercial candies [such as Oh Henry bars, maple leaf cookies and Whippets, for example] and of more traditional recipes [lemon pie, carrot cake, etc.], as well as great classics from Quebec[pouding chômeur, grands-peres au sirop]. The recipes are easy, with some a little more complex, but the explanations are clear and make the recipes accessible to everyone.

Surely, I’ve already tested a recipe and have my results on the classic donuts. I’ll tell you about them in the next few articles, but they were delicious!


And if baking is not your thing, Rémy Couture’s delicacies are available online at his pastry shop website.

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