My culinary inspirations

I’m not a professional cook, so many of my recipes are inspired by what I taste, see, read, or even where I travel. Chefs, cooking websites, blogs… there are thousands of them! But, since cooking is a matter of taste, I have selected the ones I follow the most and find particularly inspiring.


Alter Gusto

Ashley Marie Farm & Bakery

Aux fourneaux

Bela Gil

Camille LMP

C’est ma fournée

Chic chic chocolat


Dels cooking twist

Le pétrin

Un déjeuner de soleil

Cooking sites

Cook’s illustrated

BBC goodfood

Cuisine et vins de France

New York Times Cooking

Great chefs:

Some great chefs are pleased to share some of their recipes on their websites.

Jamie Oliver

Magnolia Bakery



Yotam Ottolenghi

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